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At some point most of us become curious about our past - where we came from and what our family history holds. Families pass down some information but details may begin to blur over the years.

The internet can provide us with a wealth of information regarding our family history, filling some of the gaps. Unfortunately, while much of this information may be correct, all to often it isn't. What may appear to be a wonderfully prepared document of a family tree can be full of misinformation - misinformation that has been copied from person to person to person, ending up in a document that has been cobbled together from a poorly documented and cited original.
Family history books are a wonderful resource to help with research. Written by experienced genealogists and hobbyists alike, some books are decades old and use information that was gathered from family members and frequently relied on memory. These books reflect years of hard work by dedicated authors but are unfortunately limited by the resources available at the time. New resources, techniques, and technology offer avenues of search previous generations didn't have.

The best way to ensure accuracy in a family history is original research. Between work, family, and other commitments, this research could take years - and frequently does for most families.

Professional genealogists, like those at Tar Heel Genealogical Services, have the skill, experience, and knowledge to streamline what is potentially a lifelong project and provide the client with a well-sourced, well-written document.

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We strive for thoroughness and full inclusion of all available information.

While no implicit guarantees are given, our goal is accuracy. All projects are documented and cited in keeping with the Genealogical Proof Standard set forth by the Board for Certified Genealogists and standards expected by the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Sometimes, however, the information just isn't there to find.
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