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Genealogy, family history, lineage, pedigree...
What does it all mean to me?
What exactly is genealogy?

Genealogy - research into our ancestral past.  A search for links and clues that we can use as "proof" to connect us not only to our parents and their parents and their parents, but to long lost cousins, aunts, uncles - and some times even to our neighbors, friends, and co-workers.
What can I expect from a professional genealogist?

Family is everywhere. And it can come in surprising packages. It's the genealogist's job - our job - to make that package neat, tidy, and readily understandable.

At Tar Heel Genealogical Services, that is just what we do. Our services help find not only your past, but your present. We connect individuals to family they didn't even know they had. And we reconnect to family that may have been lost for over a generation. We build family trees, draft lineages, determine historical kinship, and at times even narrate your family story. We have packages to suit most needs but provide flexibility to meet your needs.

A professional genealogist can start from scratch, with very little information, and build your family tree. The more information that is shared with the genealogist however, the more quickly the genealogist can begin and the more smoothly the process will flow. We can also take the information you've already found in your own work and weave it into a cohesive form, using new found information and documents that strengthen your already existing family history.

We do not work in closed adoption cases, or reconnect an adoptee with their biological parents. Yet given the right information, we can build a family tree or lineage that may open up a venue of search for the client to continue on their own.
How does a genealogist work?
Using a mixture of new technology and tried and true research techniques, the researchers at Tar Heel Genealogical Services make site visits to courthouses, churches and cemeteries, historical and genealogical societies, fraternal organizations, state and local libraries, state and national archives, and family research centers. The advent of genealogical research available on the internet provides a new avenue of search on a national and international level. We read historical accountings on a given family, as well as books on the region they lived in, and journals on the time period they lived in.
What is expected of me?

The work of a genealogist is based on details provided by the client - the more details the client can provide, the less time, and ultimately money, is spent. A client should be expected to provide as much information as their ancestors as they can. Even information that might be incorrect can provide clues that will forward an investigation.

Living family members should be consulted before their personal information is shared over the internet.

An important thing to remember: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a family history! Patience may be one of the key expectations of any client.
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