Tar Heel Genealogical Services, Inc

Genealogical research can be not only time-consuming but financially taxing. At Tar Heel Genealogical Services, the client sets the amount they wish to spend.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is free. A minimum of one hour is spent conducting a brief search to assess the project.


Our basic research fee is $20 per hour. This time can be bought in two or five hour blocks. That time will be used solely at the discretion of the client. After the block of time is used the client receives a typed report, with sources, up to that point. The client then makes the choice whether to pursue the project further, work on something else - say, a family tree- or take a break to allow what the researcher found time to "sink in".

We also have packages for those clients who find they wish to go beyond the basic block.


Using one family line and three blocks of time, we will begin research into that family line. More family lines can be added if this is desired by the client, however, this will abbreviate what we find historically on the original line. One purchased block of time can be used on as many lines as the client requests but the result will not take the research back as far. One line or many, how we pursue the family lines is up to the client.

Kinship determination

      Sometimes in genealogy we "know" something to be true but have little to no evidence to prove it. Other times we may find ourselves at a dead end - what genealogists commonly refer to as a "brick wall".

Our researchers take your information and attempt to build a solid, proven case based on the genealogical proof standard. This type of project generally requires more in-depth research and may take much longer to complete. Given the complexity of the project, the research rate for kinship determinations is $20 an hour and is paid in advance in five hour blocks. A detailed report including a research log is issued at the end of each block of time.

Family Trees

A family tree can be grown to any size an individual desires. It can include the siblings of just the direct line or it can be expanded to include multiple levels of extended family such as distant cousins.

Rates for this type of research start at $20 an hour and are paid for in 20 hour blocks. A report, with a research log, is submitted at the conclusion of research for the current family group.

This rate does not include expenses for lodging or fares for overnight travel, publishing expenses, exceptional fees for client requested documents, fees incurred as a result of a specific request from the client, or any other expense that would be considered out of the ordinary for this type of project. The client will always be informed, and written authorization required, before extra charges such as these are incurred. 

Family History

Family histories are designed to be all-inclusive. Research is done at all levels, for any and all family members the client desires.

The project report includes a narrative report with citations, a hard copy of all source documents, a hard copy of the family pedigree or tree, and a copy of the GEDcom file on a flash drive designed for the project. It is presented in a bound package suitable for sharing with family and friends.

This package can be purchased in blocks of 100 hours at a time for $35 an hour. The only items not covered are overnight travel expenses and courthouse document fees. These expenses require prior written authorization.
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